La Cuisine de Fred
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The concept

- Discover and learn chefs’ recipes and tips in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere in the heart
of the Beaujolais.
With many years of experience in cooking and pastry-making, Fred provides cooking and pastry classes
combining theory, hands-on learning, and tasting on various themes.
- Food-lover and gourmet, Chef Fred will make you discover his creative and gastronomic cooking that
also often has a health-conscious aspect to it.
- He will help you choose good ingredients and introduce you to some unusual or "forgotten" ones.

My guarantee of quality :

Most ingredients used are from regional suppliers and are organic to the extent possible.
In most cases, I don’t use any preservatives or modified products (except in the Asian,
Japanese and world cuisines).
The themes and menus in my programs use ingredients in season in order to respect the environment.

Conviviality, sharing, learning, and chefs’ secrets await you!

Basic techniques will no longer be a secret.

The program will vary according to the season and demand.

The course will focus on a dish, a complete meal, or a pastry/dessert that you can do at home.

Don’t worry about a thing-everything has been taken care of:

The course, ingredients and recipes are included in the price.
The supplies, dish clothes, aprons and any other necessary materials will be provided for your use during
the class.

At the end of the class, you will leave with the pastry/dessert that you have made in a real pastry
box, or, if you made a meal or single dish, you will get to eat it during class.
Icing on the cake-your souvenir photos will be e-mailed to you upon your request!
Important: nobody has to do the dishes!
It’s Fred who will take care of everything…nice isn’t it?

The place where the classes are held:

In the heart of the Beaujolais province in a small village called Le Perreon, 12 min from the new exit of Villefranche north, and north of Lyon. (easy access and nearby parking)

The kitchen is in a warmly decorated house where you will feel at home. The kitchen fits up to 12 people
for workshops. Other locations are available for workshops greater than 12 people.

You will therefore learn in "real-life conditions", i.e. as if you were in your own home using your own
stove or oven. However, you will also have the advantage of using professional equipment and tools.

What I offer :

For private and children's classes:

- Cooking and pastry classes
- Cooking classes for children (1-2 children per adult)
- Snacks for children
- Stagette parties
- Temptation cuisine (dating night where single people can create a meal together)
- Gift certificates
- Cooking and wine (creating a meal and wine-tasting)
- Demo and tasting (demonstration of a main dish, a pastry/dessert, followed by tasting them)
- Roman, Medieval, or Renaissance cooking classes (recipes based on real manuscripts from the XIII,
XIV and IV centuries)
- Private classes upon demand for birthdays, family functions, associations, stagettes (starting from 4 people)

For companies, groups and associations :

- Cooking classes
- Cooking classes for seminars (group coaching, recreational activities)
- "Orchestral" cooking classes – NEW IN 2008!
- "Project" cooking classes –NEW IN 2008!
- Roman, Medieval, or Renaissance cooking classes
- Pastry classes
- Cooking and wine (making a meal and wine tasting)
- Demonstration and tasting (demonstration of a main dish, a pastry followed by tasting them)
- Roman, Medieval or Renaissance meal